Social media, addicted as I am, has ruined the “Inspirational Quote” for me. Some days the constant bombardment of selfless joy and mindful gratitude in the form of funky fonts meaningfully typed over images of sunsets, beaches or the star strewn night sky, make me want to slam shut the laptop and drop kick it out of the window!!… When having a good day, having got out of bed on the right side, managed not to step barefoot on an upturned plug or find a pile of cat sick on the landing, I can sometimes go along with a positive saying or a reminder of the beautiful world around us… When the sun is streaming in through the windows, the birds are singing and the coffee machine works first time, I could even be found cracking a wistful smile at the ceaseless uploading of these life-enriching sentiments… But after a restless nights sleep dealing with hot flushes, a snoring hubby and a couple of cats that take turns finding new and creative ways to demand attention at 3am, 4am and 5am, or an early alarm followed by a barrage of questions re: the whereabouts of clean underwear, cycling helmets or car keys from the hubby, and to top it off a dog that has snuck into my side of the bed with wet paws whilst I’ve been searching for the fucking car keys. After these more realistic morning happenings at Chez Joy I do struggle when I take my first peek of the day at Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc. and I am greeted with…

wake up

I know, I know, I sound like a right misery guts… especially as I totally buy into the whole positive mental attitude/meditation/being at one with nature stuff. I believe that if you can try to let go of some of the negative shit that we all carry around in our heads, then moving forwards and enjoying that precious moment should technically be an easier task.


So at 41 years old, I’m pretty sure I’ve already missed a few special chances, foolishly turned down the odd incredible opportunity, waited far too long for the perfect moment and spent some wasted time locked in the past… As if the sodding time isn’t ticking away fast enough??… I’m damn sure I don’t need constant, supposedly uplifting reminders of my prior failures, dreams that went down the drain and the long lost hours thinking about what could have been. Sometimes (quite a lot of the time) I just want to curl up under a blanket on my sofa with the dog and the cats, sometimes even the hubby, and watch crime dramas on TV, and quite frankly I get tired of being informed by brightly coloured patronizing memes that I’m wasting my life and should be out there savouring every second.


These sentiments are all very lovely, all life affirming and in most cases a passage or sentence that if put into practice, could indeed make life better, if only it were all that simple. If you’re going through some shit, and I only have my own experiences to go on, sometimes you’re just not ready for….


No, sometimes I wish that all the happy, content and fulfilled people who share their encouraging and overly romanticised mantras would, in the words of a good friend of mine, “Do one”… Just consider that not all those who are perusing Facebook/Instagram/Twitter are fit enough to skip down a beach swishing their long hair about and pulling off one-legged yoga poses willy-nilly, not all are able to create their own future in the way that they would like or have always dreamed, or are in a position to take a chance on the unknown as life goes on.


I keep reading this post back and thinking how negative and pessimistic I sound, I promise I’m really not all doom and gloom. I do generally remain positive in life and when walking the dog in the park I envy her unconcious ability to live her life so joyfully, revolving around playing, squirrels and the best possible place to take a pee, not that those are my exact life goals, and look… I even have a framed greetings card on my bedroom wall that says…




Seeeeee…. I’m not a totally cynical old cow, like the rest of the world I have my off days!!



be happy

                                    (So much fun)


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  1. Nina

    This really made me chuckle. I am also pretty upbeat & positive but I find people telling what to think & feel quite irritating & so those ‘inspirational’ quotes we are always bombarded with also get on my wick! Perhaps less time on Social media & more time experiencing all the gifts that life have to give would fix that… haha Not really !! Thanks for sharing, it’s not humanly possible to constantly be so perfectly upbeat xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prezza

    Hmm, I don’t really DO social media.. Probably too old, but that was a lot of effort to explain yourself. Can I give you a hug tomorrow? and then maybe talk face to face? xx Steve.


  3. whatellenwrote

    I love this post! I saw a quote the other day that said “It’s never your successful friends who are posting the inspirational quotes!”…it made me chuckle. And I do love reading blogs that sound like everything I think!! ❤️ Ellen

    Liked by 1 person

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