Travel Insurance Hell…

For most of my life planning to travel has involved booking a flight, finding somewhere to stay, ordering some local currency and shopping for un-required new stuff to take, safe in the knowledge that my bank covers the boring issue of travel insurance. It’s so boring, like all insurance, trailing through the many comparison sites for car/house/life insurance.. BORING!!!… Oh how I wish it were still boring!

When you’ve had a couple of rounds with breast cancer, several surgeries, a blood clot and a whole load of medication pumped through your body, travel insurance becomes a whole different ball game. After round one it wasn’t too bad, I found a specialist firm, and although the cost had gone up and it was a bit of a drag having to tell someone on the end of the phone the ins and outs of every medical procedure you’d been though, it was something I took in my stride.. Worse things happen at sea 😉

It was after round 2 that things changed for the worse. Dan and I were planning to take a trip to Berlin, the bulk of my big treatments had finished, I was feeling pretty strong and massively in need of a break from what had become the norm, feeling crap and sitting in my lounge!!.. We’d found a nice little apartment to stay in for the 3 night break, some reasonable flights and compiled a list of must see’s and do’s from friends and guide books, just needed some Euros and to book my travel insurance, simple eh?

“HOW MUCH????…”…  So, after going through the whole list of treatments given, procedure’s undertaken, drugs required and unfortunate side effects (45mins), the very nice lady on the phone informs me that I’m too sick for the specialist company that specializes in insuring special people, like me!!..  I was floored at this point, it took this to make me realize that I really had been, and was still considered to be, very poorly, a huge financial risk too big to take for a specialist insurance company to cover for a 3 day mini-break in Berlin. Not a 4 week hike up the Inca trail or a water sports holiday in Mexico, a 3 day mini-break in Berlin, how much cancer related trouble can a girl get into at a Christmas market??!!!

“Okay, that’s just the opinion of one firm”, I thought, I’ll try another. I trawled Google for more specialist companies and the more I phoned, 9 in total, the more upset I got, all insisted that I go though the 45 min trauma of re-living what I’d been through, and it seems so much worse when you list it over and over again, then refused to cover me, there was however the one lovely man who informed me that I was not sick enough to use their cover, I told him I loved him before hanging up in frustration.

Don’t get me wrong, from an insurance companies perspective I’m a high risk I suppose, not worth betting their precious pennies on, I get that. I get that when eventually I did find a company to insure me that the cost would be greater (The same price as the accommodation for the whole 3 days)..  But what I don’t get is that I’m only insurable on a single trip policy, which means I have to go through the same shit every time I go away, the same firm can’t hold my details on record and simply ask if there are any updates or changes in my health, and the same firm can’t guarantee that they will cover me for another trip…  Arrrgghhhhhhh!!!

So here we go again, I get a soothing cup of green tea (A bottle of Merlot) a box of tissues, the laptop and the phone and prepare to relive the shittiest times of my life over and over and over again…  Oh the Joy!!

I hear Bogner’s nice this time of year!!




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