Ahhhh…Mother’s Day!!

I struggle with the age old anti-Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.. Corporate card company-money making, you should love your significant other/mother/father everyday, argument…But I’m a sucker for any excuse to bring a little bit of joy to someone I love. I enjoy a pretty sentimentally worded card, perfectly wrapped gifts with bows and ribbons, and mostly seeing men panic buying flowers and chocolates. Yesterday I took some precious people watching time to study this facinating annual phenomenon, all the confused looking men wandering the local shops alone and scared.. trying to find the perfect card amongst isles and isles of pink floral images, and navigate the flower stall, almost as good as the 13th of February 😉

The drawback of all the un-escapable, in your face advertising, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, every shop, supermarket and petrol station screaming “Don’t forget Mother’s Day”.. Is reminding some of us that we don’t have a Mum anymore. That this card company invented, saccharin coated, floral day of recognition for the one who, in most cases, brought us up, is not for you, your excluded. You will however be either expected to celebrate either being a Mum, somebody else’s Mum, or smile sweetly whilst waiting for hours to get a seat at your local Carvery because everyone “and their Mother” are hogging all the tables!!

I sound bitter but I’m not really, I love my Mother-in Law very much and have a few matriarchal women in my life who have most definitely stepped into the role when required, so I consider myself very fortunate, but nothing is ever quite the same after you lose your Mum.. So today I’m sending positive happy vibes out there for all of you, but special pink flowery vibes to those who’s Mother’s Day is not being celebrated in the conventional manor and may be tinged with sadness, maybe just try to celebrate all the strong, loving women still in your world…and avoid the Carvery!!



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